115 copyWelcome to our website, Jewish Relationships Initiative.  Using technology we have a portal to connection, linking ancient wisdom with modern understanding, and you with me. We remain as we have always been, seekers, looking for meaning in a challenging world. I hope that I can assist you in that process. As a modern rabbi, I believe we are facilitators or guides to light your path as you seek answers to your questions. Judaism contains much wisdom distilled over the course of centuries with a deep understanding of who are and what it means to be human. We can create meaningful connection by accessing this wisdom to understand and craft meaningful celebrations, bereavements and challenges or to expand our learning and knowledge.  Jewish Relationships Initiative was created for this purpose.

There are additional pages that contain the types of things we can explore together: Celebrations, Bereavements, Learning and Conversation. There is also a page containing my blog where I provide commentary on things I find the need to discuss. And finally, there is a page that tells you a bit more about me, Rabbi David Levin, founder and President of Jewish Relationships Initiative.

I am committed to reaching out to you where you are to help find answers to your questions. Please come and let me join you.

~Rabbi David Levin




It is all about connection, to each other and to one’s self. As your rabbi, I am committed to making these connections with you. Let’s explore together.






We are graced with many celebrations in our lives.  Judaism has crafted means of helping us frame these occasions and infuse them with meaning.



BereavementAs life is filled with Celebrations, so too it is fraught with Bereavements.  The most difficult aspect of loss is the sense of aloneness that it creates.  Jewish wisdom tradition helps us through these trying times.

Learning and Conversation



We like to grow. Asking questions and seeking their answers is a way that we continue our growth. Jewish wisdom sheds light on many important subjects. What intrigues you? Let’s explore it together.


Pastoral Care



The act of telling your story can be opening and liberating when your story is respected and honored. Sharing it out loud can help explore or validate your thoughts and emotions.   Sometimes you need someone to talk to, someone to share your story. I am here to listen. 



Perspective is important. Often we are so close to things, either with relationships or ideas or decisions that we are unable to be objective. Sometimes we need someone to bounce ideas off  to determine if they make sense. I can listen and provide that perspective to help you create the right path to follow.



Sometimes it is not possible to meet one-on-one. Through the use of modern technology such as Skype, Facetime or other online services we can bridge the gap. Distance does not have to stop us from being together.


Ketubah signing
At that special moment