Have you had a question come into your head you struggled to answer?  Likely that is something that has happened.  As a rabbi and teacher, I like to pursue those questions with you.  They can be big questions or small questions; existential, spiritual or any other kind that you might be pondering.  Judaism has much wisdom and insight to share about how you answer your questions and make meaning.  I am here to serve as a guide on your journey.

ComicBook-AppAbout a year ago or so, an idea began to coalesce.  A few of us rabbis, notably from the ranks of the Rabbis Without Borders of which I am a proud fellow thought about ways to engage people who might not have the opportunity to speak with a rabbi.  We did not have any prerequisites, just the understanding that the chance to start a conversation was an opportunity not to be missed.

You can find us in the public spaces.  We come in various sizes and shapes, the common identifier is a small placard inviting you to ‘Ask the Rabbi’ (that we do not have uniforms is another question for another day).  Come by and visit, ask a question, just say hello.  Ask what I am doing (quick answer:  looking to engage you).  Hopefully, we start a conversation that can continue.

But there is no need to wait.  You can email me at or complete the comments section below with a question or comment.  I will do my best to give a response and open it up to a discussion.