funeralDeath and loss are traumatic events in our lives and can seem overwhelming. Jewish tradition guides us about how to navigate these waters.   I will be there to comfort, support and guide you through a meaningful process.

 A funeral is an opportunity to say goodbye with dignity and respect, relying on a common heritage and rituals. I will craft ceremonies that honor those who are departed and support you.

Shiva Minyanim




The Shiva is the period of mourning immediately following the funeral. Judaism acknowledges the freshness of your loss by bringing family and community to you as a way of providing comfort.  I will be there to guide you through this process.




 unveilingAn unveiling ceremony is usually a brief but significant ceremony in which the headstone is “unveiled.” It occurs toward the end of the first year after the funeral. It is likely the first time you have visited the grave of your loved one since the funeral prompting many emotions. I will work with you to properly frame this unique time and make this visit special.   



Memorial Service and Yarzheit

Memorial SvcA memorial service can serve a very important function particularly when a traditional funeral is somehow not workable. A memorial service can be used to mark the passing of a loved one who was buried in another locale and you seek the comfort of your family and friends. We can craft a service that is designed to speak to this need to celebrate and remember a life and to provide comfort to the grieved.

The anniversary of someone’s death, known by the Yiddish word Yarzheit, is an opportunity to recall your loved one by bringing together family and friends. This ritual creates a meaningful celebration of life bringing everyone together.


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