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Jewish Relationships Initiative Corp is a 501(c)3 tax-exempt corporation.  Jewish Relationships Initiative (JRI) was formed to provide outreach focusing on the unaffiliated Jewish population of Greater Philadelphia.  We seek to create relationships through meaningful connection to Jewish wisdom, ritual and community.  We do this through lifecycle events, study and learning, conversation and connection to others.

Rabbi David Levin

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~ God’s Miracle is not in the Thunder and Lightning but in people sheltering others from the storm

David Levin- I am a reform rabbi ordained from the Hebrew Union College- Jewish Institute of Religion (NY).  I serve the community of Greater Philadelphia. I also devote time to special projects including Jewish Sacred Aging, teaching and free speech issues on the college campus.  I am a Fellow with Rabbis Without Borders (RWB), an inter-denominational rabbinic group dedicated to sharing wisdom across traditions to better serve the Jewish people. RWB is affiliated with CLAL.

Previously, I worked with the Union for Reform Judaism in the Congregational Network as a Rabbinical Director serving the East Coast congregations.  I also served at Main Line Reform Temple in Wynnewood, PA as a student intern and adjunct Rabbi.

I am proud to be one of Rabbi Louis Frishman’s (z”l) “Temple Kids”, from Temple Beth El in Spring Valley, NY.  I attended the University of Chicago earning an AB in Economics and went on to the New York University Graduate School of Business where I earned an MBA in Finance.  Before becoming a rabbi, my earlier career centered in banking and real estate finance, and I also worked in the family garment business.

Rabbi David Levin- I am available to you for life-cycle events, learning or conversations about issues that concern you. You can reach me via email at RabbiDavidLevin@gmail.com or on the contact form.

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8 thoughts on “About

  1. David Fried

    David…Mazel Tov on becoming a Rabbi & your marriage to Naomi! Coming from someone who knew you parents and 1 set of grandparents – this was a beautiful speech & a wonderful tribute to them! David Fried

  2. Shirley Ganeles Gordon

    Remembering Seders Past and Yitzkor evoked many poignant memories about your maternal grandparents and your mother, who was my first cousin. You beautifully capture the spirit and essence of the holiday and family. I look forward to your future musings. Best regards, Shirley

  3. Barbara Gollon

    Continuous regards and best wishes in all your endeavors in the New Year. Congratulations on all of your achievements … from Auntie B.

  4. Lisa F.

    I had the good fortune to speak to Rabbi Levin about an issue that was troubling me. At the time I was affiliated with a synagogue that was struggling with spiritual leadership. Rabbi Levin shared his knowledge of Judaism and how it related to my personal obstacles. His lifetime experiences and wise words helped me to embark on a new journey that has enriched my life with my husband and children.

  5. lisa M

    I have been having a crisis of conscious for months now. I have been praying, asking God for direction and I believe he has answered.

    Couple a weeks ago during a homily I heard the words“ do the right thing” in your conscience, that made me think.

    I am a part time employee at the restaurant, usually when it’s extra busy.

    I know I could loose my job if it got back to the owner if it gets back to her but what I am about to share with you is more important.

    A while ago I accidentally found out from the previous restaurant partner that the kitchen has been substituting pork for the lamb in some items which is supposed to be a big secret. I have been wrestling with the idea of coming forward but was afraid. But then I heard rumors that a new restaurant partner walked out from the business because of this same thing, I decided if she could do it, so could I. I did not get pictures, or other proof but I felt I needed to tell people. I couldn’t work through another holiday season knowing we were serving pork for lamb. I am catholic, I would very upset to find out someone tricked me into eating meat during lent and especially on Good Friday.

    I have created an email to notify the Jewish community, I will not use it again because as a said before I fear retaliation within the community.

    I only hope God will forgive me for waiting so long.

    Thank you in advance for your reply

    1. Rabbi David Levin Post author

      Your struggle is important both morally and practically. Both are important. Besides the dishonesty in misrepresenting one thing for another, if someone had an allergy or issue with pork products, this lying could create a health problem.
      Morally, it is just not right to lie. I am guessing the response would be that the pork is less expensive than the lamb. Of course, my response is to present the two different dishes at the two different prices and let the customer decide what he/she prefers. But this issue of lying cannot be ignored.
      This should be brought to the attention of the city department that regulates food in your area. Although you might be protected by whistleblower laws, you should expect that you will not be welcome at the restaurant any longer.
      You are courageous the make this bad practice known. Thank you for doing the right thing.


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