Like so many, I am taken by Pope Francis. However, such popularity comes at a cost.

 The Pope is planning to visit Philadelphia to help celebrate the World Meeting of Families. This amazing conclave is expected to bring in millions and the city is bracing itself. We even have a countdown clock! The preparations however make getting around Philadelphia impossible while Pope Francis is in town. Local reporters warn us to prepare as though we are going to encounter a blizzard; have enough food and water on hand to last for at least a couple of days.

 I would love to see the Pope, but security corridors and fences, re-routed and limited trains and buses and the throngs of the faithful will make getting out of our immediate area unrealistic. So we are going to have a barbeque at our home for our local friends who will likewise be unable to go anywhere beyond walking distance from home. Hence, the Pope-e-que. Of course we would be deeply honored if His Holiness would join us, after all he will be staying just down the road. But we understand if he cannot. We are looking forward to making his time here good for all.

 It will be fun, it will be in his honor and it will be kosher.