I support the Iran Agreement.

I support the Iran Agreement.

 I believe this agreement is in the best interests of the United States, Israel and to promote peace. I have read the agreement. I have carefully listened to the analyses presented by those in favor of the deal, those against the deal and those without an agenda but trying to understand the deal.

 The deal comes with substantial complications. Compliance requires the ongoing monitoring and vigilance of the IAEA, the UN and signers to the agreement particularly the United States. And we must be ready to enforce compliance with action in the event that Iran does not live up to all the obligations of the agreement (i.e., cheat). Iran remains an adversary to both the United States and Israel. We still have much work to do to thwart Iranian plans against the US and Israel.   I welcome President Obama’s offer to further enhance Israel’s defenses. Ultimately, there is the possibility to bring Iran into the community of nations. That will take time and immense effort and is far from assured. However with all that, we have through this agreement taken away Iran’s access to a nuclear device.

 I share this for two reasons. First, this is a considered decision on my part based on a deep love of country, both the United States and Israel. I believe the agreement sets out to do what it is intended to do. It is the best agreement we can achieve. The alternatives to this agreement are appreciably worse.

 Second, the legitimate differences in our opinions, even deeply held beliefs we have, should not destroy our community. The rifts in our community are getting deeper and the vitriol is terribly destructive. I hope that we can disagree with each other’s considered opinions without losing respect or fomenting hatred of another person because of their opinions. So I reach out to my community with the hopes that we can respectfully disagree with each other but remain committed to each other. We are Klal Yisrael only as long as we believe in that vision and work to achieve it.

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  1. Rabbi Beth Schwartz

    This Shabbat falls between the 70th anniversaries of the dropping of atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. There is no better reminder of the impetus for keeping Iran from obtaining nuclear weapons capability.

  2. Barbara Grancell-Frank

    Dave, I beg to differ with you and others who support this terrible deal with Iran. I understand that you want what you believe will be best for America and Israel. Your intentions are pure. Your logic is, with respect, dubious. The mullahs will cheat. Their track record with regard to compliance with some half dozen prior UN resolutions, all seeking to block Teheran’s path to a nuclear weapon, were disregarded. In addition, the Koran provides Iran with the moral authority to lie to the infidel (that’s us) in pursuit of jihad’s goals. President Obama has provided them with everything else they need in their holy war against the West and modernity — billions of dollars, ineffective facility inspections and the certain knowledge that the U.S. (thanks to our Commander-in-chief) will never engage them on the battle field. The Iranians are resolved to march the world straight back to the 7th century and a global caliphate. They want to destroy The Great Satan and the Little Satan (again, that’s us). They’ve said it many times and there is no reason to think they don’t mean it. On the contrary, their ongoing efforts to destabilize and control the Middle East via proxies in Gaza, Lebanon, Iraq

    1. Rabbi David Levin Post author

      Thank you for sharing your thoughts. As is apparent, we disagree about many things. However, we do agree that Iran is not a friend and most likely will test the agreement, i.e. Cheat. The question is whether “our side” will call Iran out and punish violations. I would also suggest, and I borrow from Ambassador Dennis Ross, beyond teeth in the agreement regarding punishing violations, the US would do well to provide Israel the capacity to eliminate ALL things of an offensive nature, including the MOP (Massive Ordnance Penetrator- a bunker buster type bomb that destroys mountains) and a B-52 or something like it to deliver the weapon. This will help ensure Iranian compliance with the agreement.
      I also share with you something else very important, a deep love for Israel even though we express our love in very different ways.

  3. Barbara Grancell-Frank

    I would never doubt your love for Israel, Dave. I wish I could say the same thing about Barack Obama. I know from a family member in Israel that the IDF’s requests for the US bunker busters you mention have been “under consideration” for almost a year.

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